Corporate access

We offer at Attijari Intermediation a complete range of Corporate Access to foreign investors wishing to integrate the Moroccan market into their portfolios, through:


  • Roadshows
  • Conferences & seminars
  • Field trips (site visits, business meetings on their premises)
  • Access to economic and financial experts

In order to support the digitization of the financial world, we support our clients and partners via virtual events and we allow investors to maintain quality interactions with all stock market stakeholders, in a safe and rapid manner:


  • Webinars
  • Video conferencing
  • Conference calls

Attijari Intermediation has an extensive team of corporate access specialists, with in-depth knowledge of the Moroccan market and the markets of sub-Saharan Africa. We also propose to make our entire network available to investors in order to organize or support them for tailor-made events, and meetings at the highest level with managers of listed companies, experts, government officials, and key representatives of the political, economic and social world in Morocco.